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Tiled Roof Installation

Elevate curb appeal and protect your home with our durable, eco-friendly tiled roofing installations.

complete peace of mind

GM Roofing offer a 10 year guarantee on their tiled roof installs.

highly regarded

Ceramic and concrete tile roofs don’t break under pressure from hail storms and they’re unaffected by high winds, seismic waves, and Class A fires.

Expert Installation

Trust in over 15 years of expertise to deliver a flawless, efficient installation process.


A tiled roof can last over 50 years which makes roofing one of the most important parts of your home. It not only protects you and your belongings from the elements, it can also transform the curb appeal of your home. All GM Roofing installation teams are employed, trained and developed by us. We do not hire subcontractors. Each employee is fully aware of the company’s mission to provide an excellent quality of service to every customer through a passion for their homes.

A Tile is not just a Tile

We have an unrivaled reputation for quality in the vale of Evesham and surrounding areas. All of our installation team members are fully trained to install a tiled roof. And here are reasons why GM Roofing continue to install beautiful tiled roofs after 25 years.

  • A tiled roof is durable withstanding adverse weather conditions

  • It provides fireproof protection

  • Resistant to high winds

  • Environmentally friendly being fully recyclable

  • One of the most energy efficient materials available acting as insulation

Our Process


Simply contact us with your requirement and we will efficiently arrange a survey with one of our roofing experts


We will send you a free no obligation quotation within 48 hours of the survey. Upon acceptance we will carry out a technical survey and will instruct one of our teams to carry out the works agreed.


We will regularly inspect the progress of the work and once completed we will then carry out a quality check to ensure the work is to our standards. Payment is then required upon satisfactory completion and all warranties are issued on receipt of payment

Create your dream home with us!

  • Malcolm Walker

    Absolutely marvellous. Nothing too much trouble Very clean. Very pleasant. Will highly recommend us.
  • Martin O'Connor

    Church Lench
    Over the moon. Polite team. Respectful. Excellent Absolutely brilliant. Cannot praise them enough. So helpful
  • Jim Grant

    Wil, Dan and Adam completed a fantastic installation. Will exudes confidence and I knew I could let them get on with it Attention to detail, deinstallation and clearing up- great
  • Mike Johns

    Extremely happy with the work done, will be recommending GM Roofing to all other home owners on the estate with scalloped roof tiles
  • Trudy Ecmanis

    Can you please thank the two guys that did the work they were both very kind and im sure they did a wonderful job I don’t think ive ever dealt with such an efficient and well run company


    Do I need planning permission to re-roof my property?

    It is unlikely that you will need planning permission to re-roof your property or insert windows or skylights. Our surveyor will be able to help and advise during your survey.

    How much does a new tiled roof cost?

    GM Roofing will arrange an appointment to meet with you to discuss your requirements and survey the roofing project. You will then receive a detailed quotation which will fully inform you as to the installation details and all costs involved. We recommend you gain quotations from more than one roofing company to compare quotes and also take the time to read company reviews and testimonials. You will then be confident in making the right choice for you.

    Do you install any tiles?

    GM Roofing generally use tiles made of clay, ceramic, concrete and handmade clay. We install dry ridge and dry verge systems.

    Can a thatched roof be replaced with tiles?

    A thatched roof can be replaced with tiles if the property owner decides to do so. Thatching materials must be removed all the way down to the bare rafters. GM Roofing will conduct a comprehensive site survey to replace thatch with tile and can offer experience working on thatched structures.

    What guarantee do GM Roofing provide for a Tiled Roof?

    GM Roofing provides all customers with a comprehensive 10 year guarantee which covers all work completed. Should you encounter any quality issues, general concerns or you would simply like to discuss your installation with someone, our friendly customer care team are always available to help and advise, even when the guarantee has expired.

    Secure Your Future with a Roof That Lasts

    Ready to elevate your property with a roofing solution that blends durability with eco-consciousness? Get in touch today for a quote and embark on the journey to a worry-free, aesthetically pleasing roof that lasts generations.

    Trade customers

    We also provide EPDM roofing materials to our trade customers.

    Guides & Tips

    We aim to provide our customers with an answer to any question. We promise to respond to customer enquiries with honesty and integrity, even if we do not provide the anticipated response. We will always offer solutions and suggestions if we are unable to assist.