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stelmax gap filler

Stelmax 1961 Gap Filler & Sealant is an easily applied PVC resin, pigment and plasticiser. It will gap fill and bond readily to form maintenance free joints of exceptional strength for rigid and plasticised PVC. Good adhesion can also be achieved when used with many porous substrates. 1961 is extensively used within the window industry for the installation of frames and attachments.

Stelmax 1961 has a high solid content and is formulated to fill larger gaps. When dry, the product will exhibit weathering, UV and chemical resistance similar to that of a good quality rigid PVC.

Available in a wide range of colours, not just white!


Store products at moderate temperatures and during severe cold periods, product should be immersed into warm water to return It to its original consistency when required.

50gm tubes - 3 months

132gm tubes - 6 months

Prevents penetration of the product surface from foreign bodies.

Once fully cured is water resistant

Provides a colourfast seal once cured

High solid content

When dry exhibits weathering, UV and chemical resistant similar to rigid PVC

skins rapidly

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will Stelmax last?

Stelmax will last 6 months. Store the product at moderate temperatures and during severe cold periods, product should be immersed into warm water to return It to its original consistency when required.

Where should Stelmax sealants be used?

Stelmax provides a one-stop seal for all jointing of internal PVC or Vinyl fixtures, surfaces, windows and doors.

Why use Stelmax?

Stelmax have developed products specifically for the uPVC vinyl window industry and produce sealants using specialist adhesive vinyl resins that cure by solvent evaporation to leave a totally smooth polymer surface. This means they stay clean whilst curing and, once fully cured, the chemical adhesion provides a permanent seal that does not provide any homes for bacteria, mold or fungi, EVER!

Performs like a quality rigid PVC

  • Stelmax sealant

    Stelmax sealants cure by solvent evaporation, leaving a smooth polymer surface and a long-lasting flexible or `plasticised` body. Stelmax sealants are completely different products to Silicons and the two should never be confused. Silicons cure by absorbing water, most commonly in the form of atmospheric moisture.

    During this absorption the seal will attract any dust and dirt, but more importantly, the micro-porous nature of the surface left on the seal after it has cured will discolour more quickly exposed to any dust or particulate and can provide a home for bacteria, molds and fungus.

  • stelmax adhesive

    Stelmax bonds to materials by means of a specific system of chemical adhesion and not a stick or tack process similar to that provided by sticky tapes and `squidgy` stuff one might use to `sticky-tac` posters to a wall. Many sealants can be removed easily and will naturally come unstuck after a limited period. When providing a reliable, permanent seal, it is of primary importance to ensure a strong chemical bond between surfaces, particularly if the joint is going to be subject to movement. Windows and doors expand and contract very slightly with seasonal temperature fluctuations and it is important that when the small gaps and joints within the frame move to compensate for these stresses and strains that the integrity of the bond is not affected.

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