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EPDM Rubber Roof specialists

Discover a durable, weather-resistant roofing that promises peace of mind and sustainability.

complete peace of mind

GM Roofing offer a 20 year guarantee on their EPDM roof installs.

an eco-friendly solution

Greenpeace, put EPDM membranes at the top of their rankings based on sustainability, extended lifespan and re-usability.

Expert Installation

Trust in over 15 years of expertise to deliver a flawless, efficient installation process.

EPDM is a perfect solution for any roofing project

EPDM is much more weather resistant, easier to install and overall much more durable than older felt based roofing systems. EPDM rubber is waterproof, but also resistant to UV rays, meaning you can fit EPDM with confidence knowing that it is a fool proof system for both summer and winter seasons.

Why should you choose EPDM
for residential and commercial projects?

Firestone RubberCover EPDM requires little or no maintenance. This feature combined with the inherent durability and competitive installed cost result in a very low life-cycle cost. EPDM rubber is a perfect all year round solution.
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Life-span of up to 50 years
  • Airtight and waterproof
  • Tear and puncture resistant
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Provides protection against all types of weather

Our Process


Simply contact us with your requirement and we will efficiently arrange a survey with one of our roofing experts


We will send you a free no obligation quotation within 48 hours of the survey. Upon acceptance we will carry out a technical survey and will instruct one of our teams to carry out the works agreed.


We will regularly inspect the progress of the work and once completed we will then carry out a quality check to ensure the work is to our standards. Payment is then required upon satisfactory completion and all warranties are issued on receipt of payment

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  • Malcolm Walker

    Absolutely marvellous. Nothing too much trouble Very clean. Very pleasant. Will highly recommend us.
  • Martin O'Connor

    Church Lench
    Over the moon. Polite team. Respectful. Excellent Absolutely brilliant. Cannot praise them enough. So helpful
  • Jim Grant

    Wil, Dan and Adam completed a fantastic installation. Will exudes confidence and I knew I could let them get on with it Attention to detail, deinstallation and clearing up- great
  • Mike Johns

    Extremely happy with the work done, will be recommending GM Roofing to all other home owners on the estate with scalloped roof tiles
  • Trudy Ecmanis

    Can you please thank the two guys that did the work they were both very kind and im sure they did a wonderful job I don’t think ive ever dealt with such an efficient and well run company


    Why would I choose EPDM rubber roofing as opposed to Felt roofing?
    EPDM rubber roofing is the obvious alternative to traditional felt, bitumen or asphalt for installing on flat roofs and extensions. Whilst felt, bitumen and asphalt were previously the go to choice, using rubber for your flat roof needs brings with it many benefits. Benefits that include it being easy to install, environmentally friendly and offering superior resilience, longevity, strength and good looks.EPDM roofing is perfect for residential / commercial projects due to its durability. Its efficiency in regards to other roofing systems means that the heightened initial cost is justified, due to other systems requiring continual upkeep and maintenance.
    Is EPDM rubber roofing worth the additional cost?
    Firestone RubberCover EPDM requires little or no maintenance. This feature combined with the inherent durability and competitive installed cost result in a very low life-cycle cost. A 20 year guarantee provides peace of mind and no unexpected costs. Another large advantage of rubber is that if the roof ever does have a leak, repairs are fast, easy and extremely inexpensive.
    Why is EPDM Rubber the best product for my flat roof?

    GM Roofing only install EPDM Rubber roofing for all flat roof installations. We firmly believe that EPDM rubber is the best product available.

    EPDM is Recyclable and incredibly environmentally friendly. EPDM roofs are compatible with green systems, meaning vegetation can be grown on top of them. Becoming more widely used, this is a great way that rubber roofs can be used to further help the environment

    EPDM roofing is one of the most efficient roofing products on the market today. EPDM is extremely weather and fire resistant.

    EPDM Roofing is Flexible, but also durable Unlike traditional rubber, the Ethylene propylene diene terpolymer (EPDM) is incredibly resilient. 

    At GM Roofing, our experienced installations team have been installing EPDM rubber roofs for over 15 years.

    What guarantee do GM Roofing provide for EPDM Rubber roofing?

    GM Roofing provides all customers with a comprehensive 20 year guarantee which covers all work completed. Should you encounter any quality issues, general concerns or you would simply like to discuss your installation with someone, our friendly customer care team are always available to help and advise, even when the guarantee has expired. 

    EPDM roofs can offer long-term coverage of 50 years or more with proper maintenance. Once installed, a fully adhered EPDM roofing system is highly flexible and remarkably versatile in its uses.

    Can the rubber roofing be installed in one piece?

    Yes, GM Roofing is part of the Evesham Trade Home Improvements Supercentre group and because we supply EPDM rubber roofing to the trade, we are able to stock large quantities and sizes of rubber. GM Roofing will install your EPDM Rubber roof as one piece, avoiding any seams or joins which could encourage water leaks.

    Secure Your Future with a Roof That Lasts

    Ready to elevate your property with a roofing solution that blends durability with eco-consciousness? Get in touch today for a quote and embark on the journey to a worry-free, aesthetically pleasing roof that lasts generations.

    Trade customers

    We also provide EPDM roofing materials to our trade customers.

    Guides & Tips

    We aim to provide our customers with an answer to any question. We promise to respond to customer enquiries with honesty and integrity, even if we do not provide the anticipated response. We will always offer solutions and suggestions if we are unable to assist.