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Roof glass

Evesham Trade Centre choose Pilkington Glass. As part of the NSG Group, Pilkington are incredibly proud to be one of the most trusted and recognised brands in glass, across the world.

For nearly 200 years, Pilkington has been a world leader in the manufacture of glass and glazing solutions. They are one of the industry’s leading and most trusted brands around the globe.

Transform your conservatory with a glass roof and enhance your home.

Replacing your old plastic or glass conservatory roof with a new Pilkington Activ™ Self-cleaning glass roof can have a tremendous effect on the way your conservatory looks, feels and sounds.

Upgrading to a new glass roof will take just one day, transforming your conservatory into a bright welcoming room, with greater temperature control and less noise when it rains, so you can enjoy it all year round.

Same look, better purpose

Pilkington Activ™ is virtually indistinguishable from ordinary glass.

Cost Effective Benefits

Pilkington Activ™ ideal for hard-to-reach roof glazing, skylights, conservatories and large glazed areas, saving time and money.

Long lasting

Pilkington Activ™ coating lasts the lifetime of the glass.

More than just glass

The Pilkington Activ™ range can be used in conjunction with a host of other Pilkington products to achieve a variety of benefits such as: privacy, noise-control, safety and security.

Low maintenance

Self-cleaning properties continue to work on cloudy days and during the night.

Pilkington Activ Range

 A significant step in the glass industry was made with the development of Pilkington Activ™, the first dual-action self-cleaning glass. The unique dual-action of the Pilkington Activ™ coating uses the forces of nature to help keep the glass free from dirt, giving not only the practical benefit of less cleaning, but also clearer, better-looking windows. The Pilkington Activ™ Range includes products which benefit from both self-cleaning and solar control properties helping to create an environment that can be used all year round.

aerial view of conservatory with Pilkington active range glass installed

glass for your home

We offer a range of low-e energy-efficient glazing to suit every type of property, from a modern home to an older traditional styled home.

  • conservatory with blue self-cleaning glass installed

    Pilkington Activ™ Blue: Self-cleaning glass with medium solar control properties

    Pilkington Activ™ Blue is an attractive blue glass that combines dual-action, self-cleaning properties with medium solar control performance helping to create a cooler internal environment which can be used all year round.

  • conservatory with bronze self-cleaning roof glass installed

    Pilkington Activ™ Bronze: Self-cleaning glass with solar control properties

    Pilkington Activ™ Bronze is an alternative option to the popular blue coloured glass.

    Glass from the Pilkington Activ™ Range can be used in a variety of commercial and residential applications, including doors, windows, roof-lights, glass facades, conservatories and orangeries. Its self-cleaning properties make it ideal for use in hard-to-reach places that are difficult to clean.

    Over the past decade the increase in popularity of glass roofs in conservatories and orangeries has led to glass from the Pilkington Activ™ Range being the ideal solution to create an additional living area that can be utilised all year round. The unique colour helps to keep internal temperatures cooler whilst still maintaining excellent light transmittance, low light reflection and high energy absorption.

  • Pilkington Texture Glass

    For privacy, pure style or to allow more light into internal rooms, the patterned glass range gives you a whole range of attractive options. In fact, we can supply 19 different patterned glass designs – from classic to contemporary; no-one offers a bigger choice. The advantages of Pilkington Texture Glass are easy to see. It allows maximum light in while maintaining your chosen level of privacy or obscuration, and also forms an attractive decorative feature itself.

  • Replacement Conservatory Roofs

    You may not realise it but simply replacing a plastic conservatory roof with a new glass roof, incorporating Pilkington Activ™ Self-cleaning glass, will have a tremendous effect on the way a conservatory looks, feels and sounds. It will transform a conservatory from a cold room only used in the summer into a wonderful and useable extension to your home, one that can be enjoyed all year round come rain or shine. When fitted with Pilkington Activ™ combined with a thermally efficient glass such as Pilkington Optitherm™ S1 Plus, a transformed conservatory will be warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer and will look cleaner than ordinary glass.

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