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Double Glazing

In simple terms, double glazing involves double the glass sheets – that means two layers of glass with a small layer of space in the middle. This space is either filled by gas or a vacuum.

Resilient material

One of the biggest advantages of uPVC double glazing is that it lasts for many years. This resilient material is not prone to rusting or corrosion. It also does not warp, buckle, or rot. It also has inherent strength that makes it very difficult to damage. As a result, it offers superior performance for many years.

uPVC double glazing offers fantastic colour choices. The colour remains as vibrant years after it was first installed. You can choose from a variety of colour options to ensure the double glazing matches the property and personal taste. Selecting the look and finish of the hardware ensures a completely tailored product.

Full Insulation

The small space between the two glass panes, whether filled by gas or a vacuum, is able to insulate by making it difficult for heat to transfer through the window. When you heat up your house, these insulating windows will keep the heat inside.

Energy Efficient

The uPVC frames are built with cleverly engineered chambers within the profile. These chambers serve to trap air and prevent it from circulating. A similar concept is used in the double glazed sealed unit. Here, the layer of insulation is the air trapped between two panes of glass. As a result, your home gets better insulation which leads to lower energy consumption.

Improved structure and safety

Window security is at the forefront of home security. Today’s double glazing comes with an array of locking mechanisms; Espagnolette locks and shoot bolt systems, are among the most common. These complex locking systems together with reinforced hinges and internal beading, which prevent the frame being manipulated from the outside, all contribute to the safety of your home.

Less condensation

Condensation is a natural response to the levels of water molecules in the air. Warm on the inside meets cold on the outside and condensation forms. Two panes of glass with a gas filler, watertight sealants and warm edge spacer bars (containing little or no metal) means that it’s less of a shock for the water molecules when they hit the warmer inner pane of glazing.

Sound Insulating

As double glazing insulates heat, it also insulates noise. This means it will block out much of the unwanted noise coming from outdoors.

Environmentally friendly

There is no better ‘green’ option for your double glazing than uPVC. This material is so sturdy that it does not require lead reinforcement. As a result, uPVC double glazing is completely recyclable. Once you decide to replace it, it can be recycled and reused, without affecting the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there just one type of glass?

There are numerous glazing options available- self-cleaning, anti-glare, sound reduction glass – just to name three. All of the various types of glass have their own exclusive properties that can be helpful to you, based on your individual requirements.

What is “Low-e” glass

Low-e glass, or ‘low emissivity’ glass a popular tint. Glass with a low-e tint reflects heat, so you should put it on the inner pane of your window to stop heat from escaping.

As effectively as low-e glass, there is a tint known as low iron. It does the opposite to low-e so allows heat in, which means it really is perfect for the outer pane of your window.

Does Double glazing result in a warmer property?

One of the most essential double glazing questions. A property will be warmer and free from draughts with double glazing. The windows must be installed completely into the frame and the space around them, otherwise they could allow heat to escape.

You will know if the windows are not installed correctly because you will feel draughts coming from the windows. There may also be traces of damp or mould close to or on the window frames.

double glazing styles

Today’s technology means that you can get double glazed windows in almost any style you choose. In the majority of cases windows that are the most visually pleasing use double glazing styles that suit the style of the property they are being installed in.

Looking at similar properties in your local area or properties of the same age, can provide a good idea of what style will be most suitable for your home.

detailed diagram of a double glazed window

Product options

two double glazed windows behind living room sofa

variety of choice

There is a lot of choice available in modern double glazing styles, such as diamond or square leaded windows, white or gold fret-work windows. Glazing is also available in a variety of profiles. For example, in white, oak or rosewood. Depending on personal choice you can also decide to have beveled or coloured glass where appropriate. Evesham Trade Home Improvements Supercantre can advise on the type of opening which will work best for you.

open double glazed window with plant in view

the requirements

Of course, windows come in every shape and size so be certain to discuss specific requirements including hatch windows or skylights as well as bay or arch windows with our surveyor. Be aware that there are strict rules in the UK governing types and style of glazing permissible in listed buildings and homes in conservation areas. Dependant on your circumstances, uPVC double glazing may not be acceptable whereas wooden double glazing is a viable alternative.

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