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blinded glass

We choose the very best UK manufacturers in order to supply a premium product to our customers. Morley Glass are the UK's largest specialist manufacturer of sealed and double glazed windows, doors, conservatory units and decorative glass, containing integral blinds (blinds in glass). These are for installing into all kinds of windows, doors and bi folding doors.

Independently recognised

The quality and performance of Uni-Blinds has been independently recognised. Morley blinds are proud winners of the 2020 National Fenestration Awards which aims to be the fairest, all-inclusive fenestration event, rewarding the very best of their sector. Here's why...

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of glass do you offer?

Morley glass are able to supply a number of glazing options to include: Float glass / Energy efficient glass / Solar control glass / Self Cleaning glass / Conservatory glass.

How environmentally friendly are these windows?

Morley Glass & Glazing is working in close partnership with SaintGobain to take recycling to the next level. In 2019 they joined forces to recycle and re-use post-consumer glass; that is glass that has been taken out of old windows that have reached the end of their life.

Saint-Gobain Glass takes its responsibility to the environment very seriously, with the group moving to become a net-zero carbon emitter by 2050 and manufacture all flat glass using 50% cullet by 2025.

We choose Morley Glass and Glazing.
the UK’s No 1 Manufacturer.

Morley Glass have been manufacturing ScreenLine blinds for over 20 years. Their manufacturing excellence is recognised by the fact that they are the only company in the UK licensed to manufacture Screenline blinds in-house. Morley glass use bespoke precision engineered machinery to give a perfect finish every time and combine this with craftsmanship. All of their Uni-Blinds® operatives have been trained in Italy by Pellini to exacting standards in blind fabrication.

The highest technical specifications
and production standards

Morley Glass and Glazing

Morley Glass have full product and staff traceability from raw components through to finished and delivered integral blind units which is externally managed and monitored. Every ScreenLine Uni-Blind® unit is tested after fabrication to ensure smooth operation and trouble-free installation. A final quality documented control check on every product is completed before dispatch.

Industry leading quality

Rigorous quality control procedures are in place throughout their manufacturing lines – and we only use the highest quality components and raw materials. Because their products are manufactured in accordance with the highest technical specifications and production standards, Morley Glass have the confidence to offer some of the longest guarantees for glass, sealed units and integral blinds in the industry. When used correctly, an integral blind will provide many years of great service and homeowners should not be unduly concerned after their guarantee period expires.

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    Our wealth of experience enables us to advise our customers of the most suitable products and services for them. We constantly review our manufacturers and supply chain in order to source and supply high quality materials at competitive prices.

    Our team will guide you through the entire purchasing process from start to finish.

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