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Planitherm Glazing Installation

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Planitherm is made by Saint-Gobain, Europe's leading manufacturer of float glass. So you can be confident of industry-leading quality, comfort and energy efficiency.

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ETC Windows have an outstanding reputation throughout Worcestershire and the Cotswolds for delivering guaranteed workmanship and a fully insured service that always meets and exceeds customer expectations

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Trust in over 15 years of expertise to deliver a flawless, efficient installation process.

When it comes to replacing your windows, the glass you choose can make a big difference.

Glass will typically make up 70% of your window, and it's at the heart of controlling the flow of natural light, the level of safety and security, and of heat retention. It can even help protect furniture against fading.

The glass matters

It may sound obvious, but if you're choosing new or replacement windows for your home the most important aspect you need to consider is the glass your installer uses in them. Many people don't. Selecting the right glass can make a huge difference to how your windows perform and how your home feels. It can significantly impact factors such as comfort, warmth, energy efficiency and security. It can also help reduce noise, overheating and the fading of furniture.
  • Energy efficiency
  • Enhanced security
  • Noise reduction
  • Furniture fade protection
  • Reduced overheating

Our Process


Simply contact us with your requirement and we will efficiently arrange a survey with one of our window experts


We will send you a free no obligation quotation within 48 hours of the survey. Upon acceptance we will carry out a technical survey and will instruct one of our teams to carry out the works agreed.


We will regularly inspect the progress of the work and once completed we will then carry out a quality check to ensure the work is to our standards. Payment is then required upon satisfactory completion and all warranties are issued on receipt of payment

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  • Malcolm Walker

    Absolutely marvellous. Nothing too much trouble Very clean. Very pleasant. Will highly recommend us.
  • Martin O'Connor

    Church Lench
    Over the moon. Polite team. Respectful. Excellent Absolutely brilliant. Cannot praise them enough. So helpful
  • Jim Grant

    Wil, Dan and Adam completed a fantastic installation. Will exudes confidence and I knew I could let them get on with it Attention to detail, deinstallation and clearing up- great
  • Mike Johns

    Extremely happy with the work done, will be recommending GM Roofing to all other home owners on the estate with scalloped roof tiles
  • Trudy Ecmanis

    Can you please thank the two guys that did the work they were both very kind and im sure they did a wonderful job I don’t think ive ever dealt with such an efficient and well run company


    Why should I have Planitherm comfort glazing installed in my windows?

    When it comes to replacing your windows, the glass really does make a difference. Glass will typically make up 70% of your window and is at the heart of controlling the flow of natural light, the level of safety and security, of heat retention and even the level of furniture fade protection. Choosing the right glass for your home will have a huge impact on the performance of your windows, so it’s important to get it right. Government Building Regulations require us to use energy efficient products that help to reduce CO2 emissions and protect the environment. Planitherm is the UK’s leading energy efficient glass and our full range can be incorporated into any style of window frame.

    Are the coatings and laminated layers on the glass permanent?

    Yes. The coating is permanent, invisible and hermetically sealed within the glass unit so will last the lifetime of the window. For product options that include a laminated layer, the layer is permanently adhered between two panes of glass.

    Can I specify Planitherm glass with any type of window frame?

    Yes, all Planitherm Comfort glazing options can be included in any size of double glazed window unit and used with all popular frame materials and types, including UPVC, wood and aluminium.

    If Planitherm lets the sun in, does it let anything out?

    The glass has a microscopic, transparent metallic coating that allows heat from the sun to pass through the glass to warm the room, and reduces the amount of heat which escapes through the windows. This means it takes less energy to maintain a warm, comfortable home.

    Is the performance of Planitherm glass proven?

    Yes, the performance of Planitherm meets the requirements of European standard BS EN 1096-4 and carries the relevant CE Marking.

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    We also provide planitherm glazing to our trade customers.

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