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Triple Glazing Installation

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Choosing Triple Glazing

Triple glazed windows are becoming an increasingly popular option, particularly in the aluminium space. The difference between double glazing and triple glazing is the number of panes of glass they have. Double glazing has two panes with air or insulating gas, like argon, in between. Triple glazing is exactly the same but consists of three panes instead.

It has been a popular choice in places such as Switzerland and Norway due to their cold climates. It has become increasingly popular in the UK because of its benefits.

Why triple glazing?

The performance of walls, flooring, windows or roofs is assessed in U value. U value is the rate at which heat escapes through a window. The lower the U value, the better the window. Single pane traditional windows will typically have a U value of 5. A double glazed window will typically have a U value between 1.6 and 1.4. Triple glazing has a low U value of around 0.7.

Triple glazing offers superior noise reduction to double glazing, resulting in a warmer and quieter home. The units are ideal for north facing windows or where the windows suffer from little natural sunlight. Depending on the placement of windows and the elevation of a property, triple glazing may not be required in every area therefore it is possible to mix and match double glazed and triple glazed units to suit a particular home.

  • Improves energy efficiency and energy rating

  • Thermal efficiency-Reduced heat loss

  • Increased home security due to its strength and extra layer of glass

  • Improved acoustic performance and noise reduction

Our Process


Simply contact us with your requirement and we will efficiently arrange a survey with one of our window experts


We will send you a free no obligation quotation within 48 hours of the survey. Upon acceptance we will carry out a technical survey and will instruct one of our teams to carry out the works agreed.


We will regularly inspect the progress of the work and once completed we will then carry out a quality check to ensure the work is to our standards. Payment is then required upon satisfactory completion and all warranties are issued on receipt of payment

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    Will Triple Glazing add value to a home?
    Any home improvement which increases energy efficiency with a positive influence on the environment will result in a more desirable home and therefore an increased valuation.
    Should a customer switch to Triple Glazing?

    Triple glazing is widely used in cold climate countries like Sweden and Norway, and the ultra-low energy standard requires triple glazed windows with a U value of no more than 0.8. To get a window with such a low U value, you have to not only switch to triple glazing but also insulate the frame itself, as well as using more expensive manufacturing techniques — the gas krypton tends to be used, instead of argon.

    Triple glazing may not make sense in the UK climate. Triple glazing is more costly to produce, produces much heavier sections and has an embodied energy approximately 50% higher than double glazing.

    However, the benefits of increased U values and reduced energy bills may soon absorb the initial installation costs . Triple glazing adds an intangible comfort factor to life indoors in the colder months.

    Is condensation reduced with Triple Glazing?

    The lower U values of triple glazed windows helps towards minimising internal condensation issues as the heat is kept inside the building and typically stops the cold external temperature reacting with internal warm air resulting in condensation. 

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