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epdm accessories

Evesham Trade Home Improvements Supercentre - suppliers off all EPDM Rubber roofing Ancillaries. Here at Evesham Trade Home Improvements Supercentre we carry a large stock of all EPDM Rubber roofing ancillary products. We can also source and supply specialised ancillary products.

epdm adhesive

With a range of Firestone-branded adhesives and a PermaRoof range, we have a selection that includes water-based and bonding adhesive with a spray application option too.

Safe and easy-to-apply adhesives for EPDM flat roofing

All our adhesives offer high performance and quality. Our experienced Trade Centre team are happy to discuss the right adhesives for your project and can offer installation advice and tips if you need them. Our adhesives have been introduced to suit the EPDM roofing systems perfectly and are safe and easy to apply in a variety of project types for domestic, commercial and industrial settings. Cheaper adhesives often carry a water content that is too high to be reliable over the long-term, and this can lead to the failure of the system. Although EPDM membrane is still effective, this is only the case if it is properly adhered to the roof deck and with no areas where moisture is present in any form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to have a good quality roof membrane adhesive?

EPDM roofing membranes have been developed with a long-term solution in mind. With an average life expectancy for a professionally-installed EPDM roof of more than 50 years, it makes sense that the adhesive used to adhere the membrane to the roof deck is of equally high performance.

applying roofing adhesive in
epdm systems

There are a few methods to the application of roofing adhesive to membranes and which you choose will depend upon the type of roofing project you have planned. The water-based roof deck adhesive can be applied to both the roof and the membrane using a pad system for detailed areas and rollers over the larger expanse of the deck surface area. We also stock spray application options in cans or canister with spray gun and hose – one of our most popular choices for trade roofers.

  • rubber roofing trims

    Evesham Trade Home Improvements Supercentre stock a complete range of rubber roofing trims for all rubber roofing projects. Our team are able to help and advise as to the right products for your rubber roofing project.

  • osb board

    We stock OSB board in large quantities and readily available for collection. Take advantage of our click and collect service and your boards will be ready for collection at a time to suit you.

  • rubber roofing tape

    Our range of seam tapes are designed for accurate field splicing of both membranes and flashings and has an excellent resistance to moisture when used with Quickprime Plus and the Quickscrubber pad. EPDM systems are joined with specified seam tape to ensure complete watertightness and reliability over the exceptional service life expectancy.

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    How can ETC Windows help you?

    Our wealth of experience enables us to advise our customers of the most suitable products and services for them. We constantly review our manufacturers and supply chain in order to source and supply high quality materials at competitive prices.

    Our team will guide you through the entire purchasing process from start to finish.

    Guides & Tips

    We aim to provide our customers with an answer to any question. We promise to respond to customer enquiries with honesty and integrity, even if we do not provide the anticipated response. We will always offer solutions and suggestions if we are unable to assist.