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Bi-fold Doors

Evesham Trade Home Improvements Supercentre are pleased to be supplying both uPVC and Aluminium Bi fold double glazed doors. Offering quality design and low maintenance, they certainly are a good investment to enhance the appearance of any home.


Energy efficient

Fitted with advanced glass, contemporary glazing performs exceptionally well as a thermal controller. During the summer months, bifolding doors reflect sunlight to prevent the room from overheating, or can be opened to allow fresh air to reinvigorate the room.

On the flip side, the energy efficient glazing retains heat during the winter so you don’t have to leave the heating on for so long. They may not cut the cost of heating bills dramatically, but every little helps.


Regardless of the chosen material, bifold doors are renowned for their durability throughout the year. They are extremely weather resistant and will not warp or bend in hot or cold temperatures.

Space Saving

An endearing quality of bifolding doors is the fold creates more space when they are opened. The slim frames and folding mechanism means the doors are less conspicuous than traditional patio doors but without compromising strength and durability. As a result, bifold doors are a minimalist design feature that effectively saves space.

Compared to UPVc or French Doors which have been popular in recent years, bifold doors are compact and fold away neatly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Evesham Trade Home Improvements Supercentre to SUPPLY my new bi fold doors?

With over 25 years of experience, Evesham Trade Home Improvements Supercentre have an unrivaled reputation for quality and service. We are able to fully advise on both uPVC and Aluminium bi fold door options along with the latest range of door furniture.

How much does a bi fold door cost?

The cost of a bifold door varies depending on your chosen design. Generally, the larger the door, the higher the price. Evesham Trade Home Improvements Supercentre bi-folding door prices are competitively priced, quality doors.

Can I have a low threshold that is level with my floor?

Our bi-fold doors can be supplied with a low-level threshold or with the standard rebated threshold sunk to the internal floor level. The latter is the most common solution as this maintains optimum weather performance.

What makes our PVCu Bi-Fold Doors different?

Market-leading looks – Ultra-slim frames for a larger glazed area to create maximum space and natural light.

Easy-use unique D-handle – This ultra-stylish sprung design allows the doors to fold back flatter, creating unimpeded views

Enhanced Safety – A discreet level on the D-handle prevents the security shoot bolts from accidentally engaging when the door is open – stopping damage to your customer’s floor coverings and the door

Perfectly Secure – Total security is achieved without compromising on looks thanks to fully concealed stainless steel anti-jemmy pins that prevent the doors being leveraged from the outside

Smooth, easy glide operation – A built-in four-roller aluminium track allows smooth and effortless opening.

Ultimate energy efficiency – High tech triple weather seals keep your customers homes draught free, reducing heat loss through draught.

Alitherm Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors
The most popular Bi-Fold in the UK

Visofold 1000 Folding doors, Visofold’s flexibility makes it the ideal choice for projects where large, uninterrupted openings are required, with the system providing maximum light and space to give unimpeded views. Available in any RAL colour. High security locks and cylinders as standard.

Evesham Trade Home Improvements Supercentre are able to supply a range of opening configurations to suit any property. Visofold doors can be folded internally or externally, with the opening at the side so the sashes all fold one way, at one end to create a single entrance door or in the middle to give the option of a double door.

Kitemarked and security-tested to the PAS24 standard, Visofold 1000 slide-folding doors features a choice of internally or externally folding Kitemarked and security-tested to the PAS24 standard, Visofold 1000 slide-folding doors features a choice of internally or externally folding panels, which when open help to integrate your home’s external and internal living spaces, offering uninterrupted views.

open bi-fold doors on modern home

Evesham Trade Home Improvements Supercentre offer a comprehensive choice of Bi-Fold configuration options

  • real aluminium bi-fold doors in beautiful home

    Real Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

    Aluminium is the material of choice for astute Architects and has quickly caught the imaginations of homeowners and commercial business owners, helping them realise their visions for a more contemporary look. Aluminium is also durable, easy to clean and strong, It represents exceptional lifetime value for money.

  • liniar upvc bi-fold doors on home

    uPVC Bi-Fold Doors by Liniar

    Evesham Trade Home Improvements Supercentre offer a fantastic looking and affordable PVCu Bi-fold door option that looks fantastic and offers a high quality alternative to Aluminium bi-fold doors.

    Panoramic bi fold doors offer a number of clever design features and come with a choice of opening configurations. We offer a wide range of colour options giving our customers the ultimate level of customisation options.

  • Multiple Sashes

    You can create a completely bespoke look for your home with several bi-fold sash configurations. This allows you to open them all out in order or customise your openings.

  • Inward or Outward Opening

    Our innovative new uPVC bi-fold doors offer an exclusive inward and outward option for opening. You can adjust your folding doors configurations to perfectly suit the space of the property.

  • handles

    We offer a bespoke selection of colours for your handles, such as ‘Gold’, ‘Chrome’ or ‘Black’. There are also numerous handle styles on offer to customise your bi-fold doors to suit your needs.

  • thermally efficient and highly secure

    Our bi-fold doors provide exceptional thermal-performance, even during the colder months. Using a thermally-efficient spacer bar helps heat retention, while a gap between the glazed panes allows Argon gas to filter through, blocking cold air from reaching your home.

    Another method that we implement is low-emissivity glazing. This is the latest, innovative form of glazing, which uses energy-efficient glass to help retain heat and reflect it back into your home.

    We use reinforced fixings to strengthen the support of our hardware. High performance locks and hinges fit into a 38mm wide furniture groove, ensuring your doors are highly-secure.

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    Our wealth of experience enables us to advise our customers of the most suitable products and services for them. We constantly review our manufacturers and supply chain in order to source and supply high quality materials at competitive prices.

    Our team will guide you through the entire purchasing process from start to finish.

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