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Transform your space: The comprehensive guide to bi-fold doors

3rd August 2023

Transform your space: The comprehensive guide to bi-fold doors

3rd August 2023

In this article

A guide to exploring bi-fold doors and the potential they hold to transform your home.

Discover the transformative power of bi-fold doors as we delve into their versatile configurations, energy efficiency and the brilliant features they hold to enable you to transform your home effortlessly.

Introduction to bi-fold doors

So what are bi-fold doors and how can you integrate them to transform your home seamlessly? Bi-fold doors can also be known as folding doors or concertina doors. They are a style of door that opens in a unique accordion-style manner, that are made up of a number of panels or sections that are hinged together. When opened the panels of the door fold in on themselves to create a compacted stack that can be pushed aside to create a wide and open space.

Bi-folds are a popular choice for many people in their homes. Bi-folds are usually used to create a seamless transition between the interior and the exterior of your home. They are popular for connecting rooms such as living rooms or kitchens to patio areas, gardens, balconies or terraces. The doors then create unobstructed views, maximise natural light and enhance the openness and space of the room.

Why choose bi-fold doors?

Choosing bi-fold doors can offer you multiple reasons that make them an excellent option for enhancing your living spaces. The main reasons you should consider installing bi-fold doors into your home include:

  • Versatile design - bi-folds come in all shapes, materials, finishes and configurations offering unique solutions to your home.
  • Maximised space - if your home has limited space then bi-folds are a consideration you should make as they open up and stack together to give a large open space with minimal storage needed.
  • Indoor-outdoor living - the bifolds create a seamless indoor-outdoor connection to give a light, airy and fresh feel to your home.
  • Natural light - the large panes of glass in the bi-fold doors allow an abundance of natural light to come into your living spaces in your home whether the doors or shut or open.

The different types of bi-fold doors

Wait, there are different types of bi-fold doors? YES! There are different kinds you can choose from when you get bi-fold doors installed into your home. There are the material based bi-folds which mean the different kind of frame for the bi-fold, so this includes aluminium, timber and UPVC frames. Then you have the configuration type of the bi-fold. 

This is the different ways the bi-fold is configured on the track to change the way it can open defending on where you have the bi-fold positioned in your home. This includes; being top-hung, bottom rolling, french style or corner bi-folds. One last type of bi-fold is the type of glazing you can have fitted into the bi-fold frames.

The benefits of bi-fold doors

Bi-fold doors can offer you several advantages that make them a popular choice for people to have installed in their homes and commercial spaces;

Space saving, bi-fold offer a stylish way to save and also maximise the space in your home

Indoor-outdoor integration, bi-folds can create a seamless transition between between the interior and exterior of the home 

Natural light & views, bi-folds usually have large plain glass panels which even when closed allow lots of natural light to come into your interior space as well as providing you with natural views of your exterior space.

Design versatility,  bi-folds can come in various different materials, finishes and styles which allows for customization to match your preferences.

Energy efficiency, with the current times everyone is looking to save a little on their energy bills. Bi-folds are a great way to do this! They are designed with built in energy efficient features such as double/triple glazing (see one of our recent previous blogs), thermal breaks and weather seals. These features help to improve insulation, reduce heat loss and lower energy consumption. 

Overall bi-folds offer a great combination of functionality, aesthetics and practicality making them a perfect choice for your home.

How to choose the right bi-fold door

When it comes to selecting the right bi-fold doors for your home you should consider a few important factors to make sure your bi-fold doors meet your needs and wants. Some of the factors you should consider when choosing your perfect bi-folds are:

  1. Bi-fold materials

Bi-fold doors can come in different materials which include timer/wood, aluminium, UPVC and composite. Each material has different characteristics and benefits for you to consider when choosing the right bi-fold doors for you.

  1. Sizing & Configuration

The space in which you want the bifold doors to be, will be measured precisely for installation and choosing a configuration that fits in with the opening you have/want. Bi-fold doors can come in different sizes and configurations whether you want two, three or more panels and how you want them to open and fold-out.

  1. Style customisations

There are different ways you can style and customise your bi-fold doors. This can be in the different types of glass you can choose from , whether it's double glazing, low-e coated glass or adding a frosted effect or a sun tint onto your glass. You can also personalise your doors by choosing your materials and by choosing different designs and finishes that compliment your style and personality as well as your home's style and architecture.

Maintenance and care for bi-fold doors

Yep, that’s right. Your bi-folds do need a little looking after to keep them in tip-top condition but don’t worry it’s easy and minimal maintenance that will take you no time!

  • Regular cleaning, every month or so give the frames and the glass a little clean with a mild detergent or glass cleaner. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or solvents as they can damage the surfaces.
  • Lubrication, periodically lubricate the hinges, tracks and rollers of the bi-folds with a silicone based lubricant to ensure smooth operation of your bi-folds.
  • Checking for debris, adjusting rollers/hinges and avoiding slamming the doors, checking for debris and adjusting the hinges/rollers when needed is crucial for maintenance to prevent damage to the tracks and ensuring smooth operation of the doors as a whole.

Understanding the cost of bi-fold doors

Costing bi-fold doors can vary depending on the different sizes, materials, specifications and the different glazing you want in them. An average * price for a 3 metre track bi-fold door would be around £3,500 + VAT

*This is an estimate based on the information above. This is not how much all bi-fold doors will cost as different factors can change the price. When getting a bi-fold door fitted by us here at ETC we provide a free survey and quote before your job and a free guarantee & quality check after the job has been completed. 

Extra security with Ultion locks

Ultion locks are a great way to keep your home that extra bit secure. On the inside of every Ultion 3 * and 3* PLUS door locks there is an extra hidden lock, which gives your doors and your home another extra layer of protection and security against intruders. Ultion locks also have a lock down feature which due to the hidden lock, there is a retaining pin and the lock down lock is triggered when signs of forced entry are detected to the door which means that even in the attempt of a break in you, your home and your family are all safe.


So, bi-folds do offer a beautifully elegant and versatile element to any home that seamlessly connects the outdoor with the indoor spaces while simultaneously maximising natural light, space and the views with space saving designs and energy efficiency features.