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Stable Doors: What they are and why have them

6th September 2023

Stable Doors: What they are and why have them

6th September 2023

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A stable door can also be known as a dutch door. They are a distinctive style of door that is divided horizontally into two parts. The top and bottom panels can open and close separately and independently of each other.

This style of door allows you to open the top half of the door whilst keeping the bottom half closed and vice versa, ideal for home with small children and pets. The stable door was originally designed and made for practical use in farmhouses and stables however they have evolved over the years and become an elegant and charming choice for any residential home.

The stable door’s versatility provides you, as the homeowner, great options and solutions for allowing fresh air into your home while keeping small children and or pets safe inside.

The same crafted detailing, security, thermal efficiency and sound reduction is built into the stable doors we supply as any of our other doors.

The Charm of Stable Doors: A Historical Perspective

When they were first designed the concept of a stable door was to be used as a back door for farmhouses. It wasn’t seen to be unusual for farm animals to simply roam freely on the land therefore the stable door was designed to allow the effect of an open door with the free flowing fresh air and allowing for good air circulation and ventilation whilst also keeping the farm animals at bay and outside.

When these stable doors were designed they took inspiration from doors to the stables that horses and other animals were kept in, with the half and half function allowing for good air circulation for the animals and also allowing the horse to stand, still in the stable, but with view to everything that was happening on the farm.

The rise of the composite door

Over the recent years home design and home improvements have seen a noticeable rise in popularity when it comes to the composite stable doors. These useful and innovative doors help to combine classic charm with modern advancement, using composite materials, which brings us a combined result of aesthetic design, durability and enhanced security to your home composite doors.

The rise in popularity for stable doors can be accredited to a few reasons, this ranges from practical functionality to the doors aesthetic appeal. Some of the key contributing factors include:

  • Classical charm and character: stable doors can bring an old timey look and feel to the home while in keeping with the aesthetic of countryside charm with their traditional farmhouse aesthetic.
  • Versatile ventilation: having a stable door in your home gives you the ability to open the top and bottom halves of the door independently to allow for proper airflow and circulation throughout the home.
  • Pet protection and child safety: stable doors allow you to have the doors open and have air flowing and circulating through your home as well as keeping you children and pets inside and safe.

Popular stable door designs

There are many different ways to customise your stable doors from the design of the panels, the glass type, hardware and accessories and of course the vast array of different colours you can choose from. Below are a few labelled options of some of the popular stable doors we supply.

Comparing stable doors: composite vs uPVC

Comparing uPVC stable doors and composite stable doors can allow us to make judgments on which type of stable door would be the best fit for your home and which one brings you the most benefits in your home. Some of the factors to consider when comparing two different products are:


Composite = composite stable doors are made from a combination of materials that includes wood/timber, uPVC and GRP. These materials allow for the door to have the appearance of real wood whilst having all of the benefits of the different materials that the door is made up of. The benefits the materials can provide include better durability and low maintenance.

uPVC = uPVC (stands for unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) is a type of plastic often used for doors and windows that is known for and has strong durability, weather resistance and lower maintenance requirements.


Composite = composite stable doors are designed and made to specifically replicate the appearance and aesthetics of wooden doors and their natural simplistic look. Composite doors' aesthetic appearance can be changed to achieve the look and finish you, as the customer, desires. This can be done by painting and staining the doors.

uPVC = uPVC stable doors have a minimalistic and a more modern sleeker look to them. They don’t mimic the wood grain effect, however you can have a uPVC door made with different styles of finishes and colours added to achieve the look you are wanting.

Durability and Wear

Composite: composite doors as a whole are incredibly recommended for their durability and wear factors. Composite doors are resistant to rotting and warping in the warm weather as well as being resistant to insect damage. Composite doors are considered to be very well suited for all different kinds of weather conditions.

uPVC = uPVC doors are known for their longevity and their long wearing. They are also known to be resistant to different weather conditions which can include UV rays and also moisture. uPVC doors, like composite doors, do not require regular painting or sealine to maintain their durability and appearances unlike some door materials such as wood.


Composite = composite doors do require a small amount of maintenance periodically to maintain the aesthetic and smooth running of the door. 

uPVC = uPVC doors are practically maintenance free. They can be easily cleaned with mild soapy water and a non-abrasive cleaning cloth or sponge.


Composite = composite doors have good levels of security that more often than not include multi-point locking systems. However the security of the doors can change slightly depending on the quality of the locks and hardware you choose to have on your door.

uPVC = uPVC doors also usually have advanced multi-point locking systems as well and therefore provide a higher level of security against intruders and unwanted visitors.

Energy Efficiency

Composite = the composite materials that make up the main build o the door have great insulation properties and strongly contribute to the energy efficiency and energy saving on your household bills by regulating the inside temperature and making sure that warm air doesn’t escape in the coder months.

uPVC = As well as composite materials uPVC is also a great insulator with built in insulating properties. Which again, can also help to reduce heat transfer which ultimately reduces the energy bills and increases energy efficiency within the home.

The role of stable doors in home security

It may seem like stable doors are less secure than normal traditional doors but that is not necessarily the case. All stable doors come with high security and an adjustable multi-point locking system which can double your security as you can independently lock both parts of the door. There are however different factors that assist in the security of the stable door, these include the following:

  • Using quality materials: stable doors can be made of extremely high quality materials which include UPVC or composite which can help to strengthen and keep the door more secure as they are highly durable and constructed well.
  • Reinforcement frames: the frame that the doors sit in is a crucial part of the doors security. When choosing to have stable doors installed it is recommended to go for the stable doors that have reinforced frames which can be resistant to tampering and outside force.
  • Multi-point locking systems: like a lot of our other doors, our stable doors have multi-point locking systems. They engage multiple locking points along the vertical side of the door. This makes it a lot more difficult for someone to break into your home.
  • Deadbolts and locking: adding deadbolts or extra locks/bolts to your door on the bottom and top halves of the door will increase security of your door as the bolts can be engaged when that section of the door is closed which provides you as the homeowner with extra security and stability and can further prevent the door from being forced open.
  • Security glazing: if the stable door you choose has glass panels, make sure that they are made from toughened, strengthened or laminated glass as these types of glass are harder to break or smash. You can also consider decorative features such as grilles or bars that maintain a more secure purpose and feature as well as upholding a perfect aesthetic and style.
  • Professional Installation: to make sure that your door is installed securely and correctly aligned, we recommend that stable doors are installed by professionals who are experienced with this kind of door.

The benefits of stable doors for your home

Stable doors can offer many different benefits to your home, which makes them a popular choice for homeowners everywhere. This section will explore the many benefits stable doors have to offer.

  1. Versatile Ventilation. One of the main benefits of the stable door is opening the top and bottom halves of the door independently. Doing this allows you to have controlled ventilation and enjoy the fresh air indoors.
  2. Child and Pet Safety. Stable doors are well-suited to homes with children and pets. Having stable doors means that you can keep the bottom half closed to keep your pets and children safe. But still having the top half of the door open can allow them to still interact with their surroundings. 
  3. Energy Efficiency. Improving the airflow in your house with stable doors can help to regulate the temperature inside your home. Having good airflow can eliminate the need for air conditioning or heating. Reducing or eliminating the use of air conditioning or heating in your home will also allow you to save money on your energy bills.
  4. Natural Light. Having the top half of your stable door open invites plenty of natural light into your home and brightens up the inside of your home.
  5. Connecting to the outdoors. Opening the top half of your door gives you a lovely visual connection with your outdoor environment.
  6. Design and Customisation. Stable doors can be designed in different ways. From the shaping and design of the door frame to the glass and hardware, you choose for your door. The choice of design and customisation you have with stable doors allows you to choose the perfect one for your home.
  7. Maintenance. Depending on which materials and finishes you choose when designing your door, you can create a door that requires minimal maintenance and upkeep. Who doesn't love minimal maintenance and upkeep?

How to choose the right stable door for your property

Choosing the right stable door for your home needs to be done by considering various factors to ensure that the door meets your needs and requirements. As well as making sure the door matches the aesthetic and feel of your home. Some steps to make this decision might include:

  • What are your needs?. What is the primary purpose of the stable door? Increased ventilation? Child/pet safety? Outside access? All of the above?
  • Your home style. Look at your home and analyse its style and aesthetic. Is it modern? Rustic? Farmhouse? Traditional? Choosing your door needs to fit in with the same theme and aesthetic of your home as a whole to make sure that it is a seamless integration.
  • Materials. Which material do you prefer? Is it uPVC? Composite? Or do you like the wooden look? When choosing your materials, you need to think carefully and consider factors such as durability, maintenance, security and weather resistance.
  • Customisation and design. Exploring the customisation options available for the stable door can include thinking about the colour, finish type, glass type, glass style and the different hardware you can choose from.
  • Budget considerations. Establishing a budget for your project is essential. You need to think about not just the initial cost of the door but the savings you will make long-term from no maintenance costs and your energy bills decrease.

Maintenance and care for stable doors

Conducting proper maintenance and upkeep on your stable doors is essential to make them last and have the best functionality possible. Here are some tips and tricks you can use to keep your doors in good condition, looking and working as they should.

  • Regular cleaning. Cleaning your stable doors from time to time with a mild detergent, cleaning product or soap with some water will ensure they stay looking fresh. When cleaning, don't use harsh or abrasive cleaning products or materials. Using abrasive cleaning products or materials can damage the door. Cleaning your door/s will help to remove any dirt, dust or debris that can build up on and in your door frame over time.
  • Hardware lubrication. Every so often you should lubricate the hinges, handles and locks on your door/s with a silicone-based lubricant. Lubricating your door will allow you to ensure the smooth opening and closing operation of the door.
  • Glass care. If you choose to have glass panels installed into your stable doors, cleaning them with a regular glass cleaner will help to keep them looking their best!
  • Ventilation maintenance. If your stable doors have louvres or slats for ventilation you can check them and make sure they are kept clear and free of any obstructions such as dirt or debris.

Regular maintenance and care on your stable doors will help to prolong their life and ensure that they continue to function as they should.

Understanding the cost of stable doors

Speaking to our quoting department, we asked for a very brief estimate for a uPVC stable door with supply and fit. The installation for a uPVC stable door has been estimated at around £1,800 EXT VAT.

This estimate can be subject to change depending on customisation, materials and dimensions.

Extra security with Ultion locks 

Ultion locks are a great way to keep your home that extra bit secure. On the inside of every Ultion 3 * and 3* PLUS door locks there is an extra hidden lock, which gives your doors and your home another extra layer of protection and security against intruders.

Ultion locks also have a lock down feature which due to the hidden lock, there is a retaining pin and the lock down lock is triggered when signs of forced entry are detected to the door which means that even in the attempt of a break in you, your home and your family are all safe.


So, stable doors. What have we learnt? We have discovered throughout this article that stable doors are an exciting combination of timeless charm and modern innovation. 

Stable doors are a great choice for any home. Customising the door/s to your style and adding your personal touches, what's not to love? With their versatile design allowing for ventilation control, safety and outdoor connection, stable doors aren't like regular doors. They bring comfort, security and aesthetic appeal to your home. What's not to love?

Discover the Charm of Traditional Stable Doors

Elevate your home's character and security with our bespoke, made-to-measure stable doors. Experience the perfect blend of traditional aesthetics and modern security features. Don't miss out on a door that adds both charm and peace of mind to your home.