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Home Renovation in Elmley Castle

The Problem

The customer had gotten in touch with 5 different local companies to request home renovation works to be done on his house, which included replacing some old cladding on their dormer roof windows as well as a whole house of new windows. The issue the customer had was that they wanted the windows and colour of the windows to match their old windows as they still had an existing window that they wanted to remain.

The Solution

Our surveyors went to the property to survey and produce a quote, They then went through different questions with the customer. Even though it was not the cheapest quote this customer had received for their desired work they chose us here at ETC as “ You can’t put a price on quality” and our stellar customer service helped us to secure the deal with this delighted customer.

The solution involved the following steps:

  1. Survey & Quotation: Our surveyor Jacob attended the property to survey the issue and to help him to produce a quote for the works. Even though ETC wasn’t the cheapest option they chose us due to the quality of our products, previous installations and our customer service, ensuring the customer has all questions answered and that they are happy at every stage of the process.
  2. Material Decision: The customer requested that they have a specific design of flush casement UPVC windows to match the existing window in the house with the correct colours and shaping. The cladding at the top of the dormer roof were also custom created to ensure the customer was happy with the whole installation.
  3. Innovative Engineering: There were a few obstacles to overcome, with the requested cladding not being the right colour to match everything else. However here at ETC we got our cladding sprayed and colour matched to the other installations in the house to ensure a smooth aesthetic and every part of the house was matching seamlessly.

The Benefit

The customer was delighted with the final installation and a quality check was completed to tell us that the work was finished to our usual high standards of quality and workmanship. The customer now has a whole home renovation complete with flush casement window, a composite door, fsg work and all colour matched and to the customers satisfaction.


  • The customer is happy with fresh and matching home assets that connect together seamlessly.
  • New windows and doors mean the customer will have high energy efficiency and help the customer to reduce their energy bills.

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