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What are Guardian Roofs and are they worth it?

23rd November 2023

What are Guardian Roofs and are they worth it?

23rd November 2023

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Here we are! The latest article, all about the world of home improvements. This article will delve into the world of Guardian Warm Roofs, and how they can elevate your home. This article will explore what Guardian Roofs are, how they work, where they came from and how they can benefit your home.

The Evolution of Guardian Roofs

Back in 1997 a trend emerged amongst homeowners who stated that the conservatories in their homes were too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. Guardian Warm Roofs began to create a solution for this. A solution that would allow homeowners to enjoy their conservatories all year long.

Guardian Building Systems came up with a solution that was a new type of solid roofing that could help regulate the temperatures and glare of a conservatory all year round. They also conserve energy, connect and integrate the conservatory more solidly within your home. In the last 20 years Guardian Building Systems have worked to refine their solution and they continue to expand their offerings with the new addition of Guardian Home Extensions.

As certified Guardian Warm Roof installers here at Evesham Trade Centre [ETC Windows] we are proud to represent the company and provide the service of installation to the people of Worcestershire and surrounding areas as well as our recent expansion into the Cotswolds.

Guardian Warm Roofs are designed with building regulations in mind and they provide excellent insulation to your home allowing you to enjoy your conservatory all year round in comfortable temperatures.

The Benefits of a Guardian Warm Roof

Guardian Warm Roofs offer a wide range of benefits to you and your home, which is what makes them a popular choice with homeowners who are looking to improve the comfort and energy efficiency of their home and their conservatory. Here are some of the key advantages that Guardian Warm Roofs hold…

Thermal Efficiency

Guardian Warm Roofs are highly energy-efficient and can help to result in a reduction to your home's heating and cooling costs. These roofs help you as a homeowner to save money on your energy bills, reducing your carbon footprint in the process. The thermal efficiency also allows for all year round temperature comfort in your conservatory. Guardian Warm Roofs provide excellent insulation and prevent temperature extremes, from too hot to too cold. GWR [Guardian Warm Roofs] keep your space cooler in the summer and help to keep the heat inside your space in the winter. Guardian Building Systems have been continuously improving their product over the years to provide the best performance from your new roof.

Structural Soundness

There are alot of elements that contribute to the structural properties and structural soundness of a guardian roof. Some of these elements are noise reduction, customisation, regulation compliance, reduced glare and minimal maintenance. GWRs minimise the external noise and can help you to create a quieter and calmer environment inside your home. You can also customise your GWR in different ways with the roofing options being slate or tiles and their colour which can be chosen to fit your personal and home’s aesthetics. GWRs are also designed to meet the building regulations for insulation and energy efficiency, which ensures that your conservatory and its new roof complies with the building regulations and the law. Having the solid roof construction reduces the glare from the sunlight in your conservatory which makes it easier to watch tv, play games, work on a computer and relax in your new room without being blinded by the glare of the sunlight. Minimal maintenance is also something that can help to keep the structure of your new conservatory maintained. GWR don’t require much maintenance and they are less likely to encounter issues such as condensation, leaks and any mould growth.

Guardian Home Extensions: The Next Level

Guardian Home Extensions [GHE] help you to transform your home with the energy efficient features and an installation that can be completed in half the time of a traditional brick and mortar home extension build. Expand your floor space with ease and make your home more livable and spacious for your needs. The GHE allows for a fully customisable look with choices of brick, stone, cladding or render for the walls, slate or tiling in different colours for the roofing and wide flexibility for the installation of as many or as little windows and doors as you desire.

The GHE can be installed and finished in half the time, with the pre-fabrication process allowing for the GHE to be installed in a quicker time frame compared to traditional extension builds and still blend into your home seamlessly.

Each extension is designed and constructed on a bespoke and unique basis. This allows you to opt for different external wall finishes to integrate seamlessly into your home.

Spotlight on LED Spotlights

Guardian Warm Roofs usually have LED spotlights installed as an optional feature to enhance the lighting within your new extension . Some key advantages of LED spotlights in Guardian Roofs include:

  • Energy Efficiency: LED spotlights are known for their energy efficiency, as they consume less electricity compared to traditional incandescent or halogen bulbs. This energy efficiency can help to reduce your energy costs.
  • Longevity: LED spotlights have a longer lifespan than conventionally traditional bulbs. They can last for thousands of hours meaning you don’t need to replace them as often as traditional bulbs, which again reduces your maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Illumination: LEDs provide instant illumination when you turn them on, they do not require any warm up time and that your room is well-lit from the second you turn the light on.
  • Dimmable Options: when choosing your LED lights you can opt for dimmable features which allow you to adjust the level of lighting to create the ambiance you desire in your space. The flexibility is ideal for various different activities in your home, from reading in front of the fire to entertaining dinner party guests, the lighting options or endless.
  • Directional Lighting: Having your spotlights installed means you can direct your spotlights into the space you want. They allow you to highlight specific areas and/or features in your room such as furniture, artwork or architectural design features.
  • Versatility: spotlights can come in many different designs and finishes which allow you to choose the perfect lighting arrangement to complement your indoor space and incorporate your personal style into your home.

The Role of Velux in Guardian Roofs

So what is a Velux? Well, a Velux is a brand of roofing windows and skylights that are considered of high quality and innovative design. Having a velux window installed into your guardian roof can enhance the overall aesthetic and functionality of your space. So what are the benefits of installing a velux into your home? Well…

  1. Natural Lighting. Velux roof windows are designed to bring daylight into your living spaces. The windows will be strategically placed to maximise the natural sunlight you get into your space to reduce the need for artificial lighting.
  2. Ventilation. Many velux windows have ventilation options, which allows you to regulate the airflow and improve the air quality inside your home. 
  3. Aesthetic Appeal. The modern and minimal design of the Velux window can enhance the overall aesthetic of your home and your guardian warm roof. Velux windows add a contemporary and sleek feel that can be customised to match the interior of your home and the exterior of your roofing appearance.

Key Information Every Homeowner Should Know

Building Control

When having an extension on your home including GWRs & GHEs you need to understand the regulations and the roles of building controls. Some points to keep in mind include regulation compliance making sure they comply with local building regulations as the legal requirement set by your local authority. It is important for you to check that the GWR adheres to these regulations to keep your home up to standard and to avoid any legal complications. If you have any doubts or questions about your building controls and regulations, we advise you to seek professional advice from experienced personnel who are familiar with the local areas building regulations.

Beautiful Finishes

When considering the aesthetic finishes for your GWR and GHE there are several things you can keep in mind when choosing your perfect look:

  1. Customisation: GWRs and GHEs can give you a lot of customisation options. You can choose from different materials, colours and finishes to match your home’s exterior and interior design and aesthetic. The customisation options allow you to create a seamless transition between your new extension into the rest of your home. 
  2. Tiles & Slates: GWR are usually finished with tiles or slates on them. The tiles and slates are available in different styles and colours giving you the option to choose one that fits the aesthetic you want. The tiles and slates are a durable material, weather resistant and also low maintenance, which adds to the benefits of the GWR.
  3. Skylights & Roof Windows: GHEs & GWRs can include skylights or roof windows into the design of the roof. They are a sought after feature and not only do they bring in natural light but they also add a visual focal point to the interior of your new extension. There are many different designs you can choose from and different styles within those to pick the right one for your home. 
  4. Glass & Glazing Options: GHEs & GWRs usually have a lot of glass to connect the extensions more with the outdoors and to create the sense of a wider space and a sense of openness. You can choose many glazing options, including tinted, self cleaning or textured glass to give you the level of privacy you require. 

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is important for many reasons including reducing energy bills and minimising environmental impact. It helps to play a role in helping climate change, by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. You can also improve the energy efficiency of your GHE or GWR by using different energy efficiency measures such as improving insulation, energy efficient appliances and lighting.

Guardian Warm Roofs are designed to have many layers of high-quality insulation materials helping to regulate the temperature inside your extension and reduce heat loss in the winter and excess heat in the summer.

How to Get a Free Quote for Your Guardian Roof

To receive your free quote from us here at Evesham Trade Centre, simply call us on 01386 800600 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and one of our customer care team will be happy to book you a free survey appointment for one of our surveyors to come out and conduct a survey on your property and generate a quote. This will all be done free of charge for you. So if you’re looking to get a Guardian Warm Roof or Guardian Home Extension get in touch with us today for your free survey & quote for your new Guardian Extension to be installed by our certified Guardian installers today.

Customising Your Guardian Roof

Choosing the Style

There are different styles you can choose whether it's choosing the style of roofing, tiles and slates, roofing windows and if any eaves beams are available. The interior styles can be matched to however your aesthetic and personal styles pleases to style your home.

Selecting the Tiles

There are different styles of roofing tiles and slate colour options are available. As the homeowner you can choose from a range of different colours, shades and finishes to match or complement your home’s style and existing roofing.

You can also choose different roofing styles to suit your aesthetic preference, for example a pitched roof or a combination of styles. The choice you make can influence the appearance of the GWR as a whole and your home.

Interior Finishes

When it comes to the interior finish of your GWR or GHE you have the complete freedom to choose from different kinds of interior finishes for example plastered or vaulted ceilings and many different lighting options are available.

Optional Roof Windows and Spotlights

You can also customise your GWR or GHE and have roofing windows and skylights installed into them to bring in more natural light and air flow into your home. The windows come in various different styles and designs for you to choose which one suits your design aesthetic the best for your home.

Why ETC is Your Go-To for Guardian Roofs

When it comes to transforming your living space with a Guardian Warm Roof, why choose anyone but the experts? We're proud to be certified Guardian Warm Roof installers, and that means your project is in the best hands. With our wealth of experience and unwavering commitment to quality, we bring unmatched expertise to every installation. Your home deserves the highest standards of craftsmanship and an energy-efficient, cosy living space. We're not just installers; we're creators of comfort, and we're here to turn your vision into a reality. Choose us for the Guardian Warm Roof experience your home deserves. Your dream space awaits, and we're ready to make it happen.


So to finish off our article here about Guardian Warm Roofs and Guardian Home Extensions, a Guardian Warm Roof installation isn't just about enhancing your home but also about enhancing and transforming your lifestyle. By choosing this creative and innovative roofing solution, you’re taking a step towards all year round comfort, energy efficiency and a space in your home that you’ll love.

Whether you are transforming your old conservatory into a new energy efficient room that you will use year round and love, or expanding your inside space with a Guardian Extension, the benefits these installations can give you are outstanding and don’t even require a second thought to take your home to the next level.


Will a conservatory be able to take the weight of a Guardian roof?

The Guardian Warm Roof System has been specifically designed to weigh no more than a glazed roof and is fully tested and approved by industry experts for its structural performance. In addition, the results have enabled certification by the LABC (England & Wales) and the LABSS (Scotland). The Guardian roof is designed and engineered to replace the entire existing roof. Some conversion systems only over-clad the existing roof which was never designed to carry additional weight.

Will I need to apply for building regulations for the new roof?

Under certain criteria, the Guardian Warm Roof System would be exempt from Building Control approval – however, we strongly recommend that approval always be sought. But, as the Guardian Warm Roof System carries LABC / LABSS certification, the Building Control process should proceed faster, smoother and without complication.

Do you have a showroom?

ETC Windows and GM Roofing are part of the Evesham Trade Home Improvements Supercentre- Our own Trade Centre where we supply home improvement materials to both trade and residential customers. We store a varied selection of products in preparation for our own installation teams along with materials for our trade customers. This allows us to be able to offer a selection of products for customers' view. We also have lovely customers who kindly allow us to showcase their recent installations to prospective customers and we can certainly arrange this for you.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes, we offer a guarantee for both installations and remedial repairs. Your guarantee may vary depending upon the roofing work being undertaken. Your guarantee will be confirmed at your initial survey.

How does the installation process for a Guardian Roof ensure peace of mind for the homeowner?

The installation process of a Guardian Roof is designed with your peace of mind as a priority. Every step, from the initial survey to the final inspection, is carried out by certified professionals. With rigorous adherence to building regulations and the use of high-quality roofing materials like durable tiled roofs and robust drip edges, you can be assured of a structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing result.

What type of roofing materials are used in a Guardian Roof, and how do they contribute to the roof's performance?

Guardian Roofs utilise a variety of roofing materials selected for their durability and performance. This includes options such as asphalt shingles for their water-resistant properties and tiled roofs for their longevity and thermal efficiency. The materials are chosen to enhance the roof structure and ensure a seamless integration with the sides of the roof for superior protection and insulation.

What should homeowners expect to pay for replacing a roof with a Guardian Warm Roof system?

Replacing a roof with a Guardian Warm Roof system is an investment in your home's comfort and energy efficiency. The cost can vary based on the size of the conservatory, the type of roofing materials selected, and the specifics of the installation process. Homeowners can expect to pay for quality craftsmanship and materials that provide long-term savings through energy efficiency.

Can a Guardian Roof be customized to match different types of roofs and home designs?

Absolutely, Guardian Roofs are versatile and can be tailored to match various types of roofs and architectural styles. Whether you have a contemporary or traditional home, there are bespoke design options available that include different tiles, slates, and roofing styles that complement the existing structure of your home.

What are the advantages of including LED spotlights and Velux windows in my Guardian Roof?

Incorporating LED spotlights and Velux windows into your Guardian Roof brings multiple advantages. LED spotlights offer energy efficiency and longevity, reducing electricity usage and maintenance. Velux windows enhance the natural lighting and ventilation of your space, contributing to an airy and well-lit conservatory, further adding to the roof's aesthetic and functional appeal.

Is a Guardian Roof suitable for all weather conditions, and how does it protect the edge of the roof?

Yes, a Guardian Roof is designed to withstand a range of weather conditions. The edge of the roof is protected by a drip edge, a metal flashing that directs water away from the fascia and into the gutter, preventing water damage and ensuring the roof's longevity.

Discover the Full Potential of Guardian Roofs

If you're intrigued by the transformative power of Guardian Warm Roofs and Guardian Home Extensions, there's a wealth of information waiting for you. From detailed product specifics to the nuances of installation, our dedicated page offers a deep dive into how these innovative roofing systems can benefit your home. Learn more about the energy efficiency, customisation options, and structural soundness that make Guardian Roofs a leading choice for homeowners seeking comfort and style.

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