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FENSA (Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme) is a government-authorised scheme that monitors building regulation compliance for replacement windows and doors. The scheme is designed to ensure that all new installations are energy efficient, secure, and comply with current UK building regulations. FENSA is the most well-known competent person scheme in the UK and is integral in the double glazing industry, providing standardized guidelines that installers must follow.

Significance of FENSA Accreditation

FENSA Accreditation for ETC Windows indicates a benchmark of excellence and compliance in the installation of windows, doors, and glazed extensions. This accreditation involves several key aspects:

  • Regulatory Compliance: ETC Windows is regularly assessed to ensure that their installation work complies with building regulations, which is crucial for both safety and performance standards.
  • High Standards: To maintain FENSA accreditation, ETC Windows must consistently demonstrate adherence to strict standards in installation techniques and product quality.
  • Professional Certification: Every installation by ETC Windows that falls under the FENSA remit comes with a certificate, which homeowners can use as evidence of compliance should they choose to sell their home.

Benefits for Customers

Assurance of Quality and Compliance

Customers choosing ETC Windows benefit from knowing that their installations meet all regulatory requirements and are performed to high standards. This is especially important in a market where non-compliant work can lead to significant costs and complications.

Streamlined Process

FENSA accreditation simplifies the homeowner's responsibilities. You don’t need to register your window or door replacement with the local authority yourself; ETC Windows handles all necessary documentation and certification, ensuring that everything is legally compliant.

Peace of Mind

With a FENSA-certified installer, customers receive added peace of mind knowing their investment is protected by compliance with the latest building regulations. This not only ensures energy efficiency and security but also enhances the property’s value.

Transferable Warranty

The certification and warranties provided by FENSA-accredited companies like ETC Windows are transferable, which can be a significant advantage when selling a property that recently had installations.


Choosing ETC Windows means selecting a service that is not only backed by experience and expertise but also by a pledge of compliance and quality as evidenced by their FENSA accreditation. Whether you are upgrading for aesthetics, efficiency, or security, ETC Windows ensures that every aspect of your installation is managed professionally from start to finish.

Guides & Tips

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