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Federation of Master Builders


The Federation of Master Builders (FMB) is the UK's largest trade association in the building industry, with a mandate to uphold quality and standards among small and medium-sized building firms. The FMB is committed to improving the building profession and protecting the interests of its members and their clients by enforcing a strict vetting process and requiring adherence to its code of practice.

The Significance of FMB Accreditation

FMB Accreditation stands as a mark of building excellence. For GM Roofing, achieving this accreditation represents:

  • Rigorous Assessment: GM Roofing underwent a thorough vetting process, including checks on its business practices, financial stability, and inspections of completed work to assure the quality meets the FMB’s high standards.
  • Adherence to a Code of Practice: Being an FMB member requires compliance with their stringent code of practice, which ensures clients receive professional and ethical treatment and quality workmanship.

Benefits for Customers Working with GM Roofing

Trust and Confidence

Choosing an FMB-accredited company like GM Roofing means you’re working with a business that has proven itself to meet the highest standards of reliability and craftsmanship within the industry. This accreditation is particularly crucial in building projects where quality, safety, and financial integrity are paramount.

Assurance of Quality

FMB membership is synonymous with quality assurance. Customers can expect high standards of work from initial planning stages through to the final touches, ensuring your project is managed and completed to the highest standard.

Peace of Mind

The FMB’s dispute resolution and complaints service offers additional peace of mind, providing an avenue for recourse should any issues arise. This back-up ensures that the investment you make in your property is protected.

Supporting Best Practices

By choosing an FMB-accredited contractor, you are supporting a business that is committed to upholding the best practices of the construction industry, including fair contracts and good customer service.


For those considering home improvements, GM Roofing's FMB accreditation is not just a badge; it's a promise. It assures you of quality, reliability, and professionalism that stands out in the competitive field of home renovations and repairs. Trust GM Roofing to deliver not just with their skills but also with integrity and respect for their clients.

Guides & Tips

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